Site’s Up . . .

Okay, it isn’t April Fool’s anymore. My site is up and evolving. Every page now has some sort of photo and text to go with it, and I’ll be plugging away with tweaks and updates as I see the errors of my ways and have new material to knead in. Feel free to wade in with comments and feedback. My next challenge is to write a few real posts, but for now, have fun browsing and keep checking in.

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2 Responses to Site’s Up . . .

  1. Noel Congdon says:

    HELP! Who’s that handsome guy with a new beard?

    We’ll keep up with you only after Maddow and a couple of others …. Noey

  2. Craig Kesselheim says:

    Not bad for an old guy. Personally, I can’t wait to Tweet this to all of my BFFs!

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