Ruby’s Graduation Expedition – June/July 2013

Ruby riding bow on the Marias River in Montana, a few years before high school.

Waiting for high tide on Hudson Bay

A few years ago Ruby made it very clear that she had no interest in the usual high school celebrations or gifts. What she wanted, more than anything, was a return to the Far North, on an expedition worthy of the occasion. Ever since Eli’s coming of age expedition on the Kazan River, when Ruby was barely 10, she has held an abiding flame for the tundra lands and the exhilarating environment north of civilization.

Who were we to resist? So, this June, we’re heading north to Yellowknife, NWT, and will take off for a month in the boreal/tundra wilderness north of Great Slave Lake. At this point it looks like we’ll paddle up the Yellowknife River roughly 150 miles, and spend whatever time we have exploring the tundra near the head of that drainage. We’re still weighing options for the return route to Great Slave – back down the Yellowknife, down the Snare, or one of several other possibilities. All depends on time, ambition, preferences, and which way the wind blows.

The big thing is that we will be there reveling in that great beyond Ruby fell in love with as a young girl. Stay tuned for more reports.

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