I woke up this morning thinking, “I’m leaving for Africa. Today!” Leaving the kids in charge, taking an exotic journey the likes of which MP and I haven’t ever done together. Wilderness adventure, sure, but this??

We travel standby to Amsterdam, so leaving today is potentially iffy, but if all goes well, we’ll be in Europe tomorrow and Kenya by early next week. We plan on 4-5 weeks between Kenya and Tanzania. I am doing research for a very different sort of book project, and Marypat was not about to be left behind. We will be staying and traveling with a remarkable man, Ronald Omyonga. It is our hope to write a book together about his life and the projects he has instigated. In addition, we hope to visit parks, see wildlife, climb a peak or two, the usual stuff when one goes to that continent.

So hang on, stay tuned. I’m taking an iPad, so I’ll potentially be able to post updates. Back in the US around June 20.

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